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Giovanna Battaglia: Selfie Absorbed

Giovanna Battaglia: Selfie Absorbed
By Megan Parker

In the March 2014 issue of W Magazine, the worlds of popular culture and haute couture merge in the editorial "Selfie Absorbed" as Emma Summerton captures Malaika Firth in addition to twin models Cora and Riley Emmanuel — mid pose — in the process of taking the ultimate selfie. The models are adorned by designer pieces handpicked by Giovanna Battaglia which invoke a strong and powerful image in contrast to the mundane yet modern suburban setting. The editorial is accompanied by the rhetoric, “If your #LookofTheDay is not on Instagram, did anyone actually see it?” which is an undoubtedly relevant question to ask in a world in which every move made and every outfit worn could potentially be documented in a strategically orchestrated series of Instagram uploads.

While the critics of social media would argue that the selfie phenomenon serves to increase the level of narcissism prevalent in contemporary society, it is alternatively undeniable that the selfie has established itself as a significant contributor to the globalization of the fashion industry. It has allowed fashion devotees to present their personal style on a global stage and achieve instant fame without theoretically setting foot outside of their front door. I applaud Giovanna Battaglia and Emma Summerton for translating a sociological phenomenon into the universal language of fashion which can be understood and is open to interpretation by all who view it. The obvious answer to the proposition posed by "Selfie Absorbed" would therefore be, “No, not anyone who really matters.”

Side note: The Chainsmokers wrote a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek song called #SELFIE which provides hilarious insight to the dilemma of taking the illusive perfect selfie on a night out.

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W editorial images © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rghts Reserved.


Giovanna Battaglia At Met Gala 2014

Giovanna Battaglia embodied the essence of springtime at the Met Gala in a floral gown by Dolce & Gabbana but the pièce de résistance was her hair and jewelry, a flurry of flowers, a bevy of butterflies. To read about the creation of her elaborate hairstyle by Kristan Serafino for the event, visit Beauty Blitz.

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Giovanna Battaglia photographs © 2014 Condé Nast and Getty Images.


Giovanna Battaglia At Tribeca Film Festival

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Giovanna Battaglia photographs © 2014 Getty Images. All Rights Reserved.


I Want To Be A Battaglia: Year Three

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Giovanna Battaglia photographs courtesy of Fashion Spot. Framed by Kellina de Boer.


Giovanna Battaglia: Styling The Fantasy

Giovanna Battaglia: Styling The Fantasy
By Megan Parker

Fresh off the printing press, CR Fashion Book Issue 4 is aptly titled Fairy Tales. The magazine at the forefront of high fashion trends has therefore resoundingly proclaimed that fantasy inspired editorials are indeed back in vogue. Giovanna Battaglia is however no stranger to the genre having explored the theme countless times in her editorial work. I have compiled a short retrospective of her most noteworthy fairy tale themed projects which have served to transport the reader to both a magical time and place.

In the editorial "The Anastasia of Winter," we are presented with the long lost Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Although the story is not entirely fantastical but also based on fact, the fairy tale element stems from the speculation surrounding whether or not Anastasia survived the Russian royal family massacre. In subsequent years, many a young woman stepped forward in order to claim her identity, therefore perpetuating the mystery surrounding her supposed death. Gio has styled the model in regal attire; luxe fabrics, capes and full skirts, and a golden crown even sits on her head in a particularly striking image. The exaggerated pale skin, doe-eyed stare, and blush-stained cheeks emphasize the youth and vulnerability of the Anastasia of Winter.

In Paolo Roversi’s "The White Fairy Tale," Natalia Vodianova encompasses the essence of fantasy-inspired characters while dressed in elaborate ensembles of designer origin. Giovanna has effectively highlighted the significance of the costume in fairy tales as the characters’ primary identifying feature. While no specific characters are referenced by the images, the reader is able to form their own ideas as to whom is represented based on how Natalia is dressed. I was instantaneously reminded of the Wicked Witch of the West as I glanced at the shot in which Natalia is dressed in a black Burberry by Christopher Bailey gown while posing seductively in a forest littered with snow.

Another example of the fairy tale influence in Giovanna Battaglia's work can be seen in the cover "In Wonderland!" shown above, styled by Gio for the November 2009 issue of Vogue Gioiello, clearly inspired by The Wizard of Oz. I have no doubt that fairy tales will continue to be a popular theme in editorials as a seemingly endless source of inspiration for editors, stylists, and photographers alike.

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Giovanna Battaglia for Vogue Italia editorial image © 2009 Condé Nast, Vogue Nippon editorial image © 2013 Condé Nast. White Fairy Tale photo courtesy of facebook.com/Natalia-Vodianova